Update: 3 weeks ago

Just switched to pc. Xbox Pred. Need one for duos pubs

Update: 1 month ago

Looking for decent players to chill with 18+

Update: 3 months ago

9 year old 1076 kills on wraith hightes kills 15 with 2k damage

Update: 4 months ago

Aggressive player who is new to PC. I have 100 kills in less than 1 day and my highest kill game is 14 kills with 1.8k damage. Please be of some what similar skill or bring one thing to the table. e.g being a smart player with good aim

Update: 5 months ago

I’m new but decent and Carry games often

In a game that you are forced to play with two other people at all times, it is nearly impossible for you to enjoy the game in such randomness. People engage enemies while you are healing, or when you are attacking you have nobody to back you. In one match you find someone so great and you play in such harmony, in the next you are matched with a new player and a troll… At that moment we all think like “I wish I had a couple friends that play Apex at least like me” With the same thinking I have made this website to help people find friends to play Apex Legends together. Let’s build a wide community and great game friendships over here. Cheers! Sign up and enter your own information in the profile page. Keep it updated so you will be shown to more people. Enter whether you want to play now or anytime later, enter your info, stats etc, and a special description to tell about yourself and your needs. You can just browse through the player list, set some criteria filters to find someone suitable then add him in the game. Voila! You just made a friend that wants to play! Enjoy!